cyberfen understands that it is crucial the C-Suite are part of the cyber security conversation. Our simulation allows organisations to enhance operational resilience and agility by assessing, understanding and mitigating risks originating from cyber threats in an increasingly hostile cyber landscape.

The Cyber Vulnerability Simulation (CVS) is a one day facilitated event performed through a tailored hands-on business simulation, where the company’s operational flow is represented, and a cyber wargaming overlay is introduced.

The executives play out a range of scenarios and make decisions in this simulated business environment. They quickly see the impact of those decisions from both a cyber and a business perspective. Modelling the problem in this way strips away levels of complexity whilst highlighting the key drivers of operational decision making.

The cyberfen model allows business leaders to quickly visualise the consequences of the decisions they are making. By understanding the potential impact of a cyber breach on the bottom line as well as on reputation, executives are able to prioritise their cyber strategy. This focus will align with their Business Continuity Plan and contribute to a robust business recovery plan.


The cyber risk landscape is rapidly evolving and the potential economic consequence to any organisation cannot be underestimated. A cyber incident can lead to high profile losses, damage to client and investor confidence, and be compounded by widespread and far reaching media attention.  Being prepared pre-breach is essential for any organisation wishing to continue to operate after an attack.

Our business acumen training specialists, technical wargaming professionals and cyber warfare experts have created a unique tool which demonstrates the very real business impact of a cyber attack and the level of organisational resilience required to recover in a rapid and robust time frame.

Because the simulation is driven by the teams running the business operation and is supported by skilled facilitators, the focus is firmly aligned on enabling the executive board to draw out a relevant cyber solution for the needs of the organisation. They can then move forward to producing a cyber strategy that is business-led and threat-based mitigating financial and reputational damage.