Let’s be honest, it can be a real challenge to get people engaged in the cyber risk discussion. By using a game-based table-top simulation, we can bring to life cyber risk and allow participants to discuss various scenarios in a truly immersive exercise. This approach maintains active engagement throughout the workshop. It paves the way for inter-departmental discussions in a safe environment, using language that is simple and jargon free.

With this realisation, cyber resilience will become part of your day to day business conversation and will enable you to identify critical areas of your business that need protection.


The cyber risk landscape is rapidly evolving and the potential economic consequence to any organisation cannot be underestimated. A cyber incident can lead to high profile losses, damage to client and investor confidence and be compounded by widespread and far reaching media attention.  Being prepared pre-breach is essential for any organisation wishing to continue to operate after an incident.

Our business simulation specialists, wargaming professionals and cyber experts have created a unique tool that demonstrates the very real business impact of a cyber breach. We will help raise awareness of cyber security within your organisation and help you to create a resilient business culture that is prepared for an inevitable cyber breach.